(EnergyAsia, April 8 2011, Friday) — Green Power Asia Pte Ltd (GPA) recently held a meeting to seek feedback from stakeholders and the public on its 6.32 megawatt (MW) cogeneration electricity plant which will be powering Fuji Oil (S) Pte Ltd’s manufacturing facility located in the northernmost region of Singapore.

GPA, a Singapore-based efficient energy and utility solutions provider, organised the meeting for interested parties to gain a greater understanding of the facility’s operations, and to express any concerns or feedback on the plant which is scheduled for commissioning by May 2011.

The company said it started building the natural gas-fired plant in 2009 to supply electricity and steam to Fuji Oil under a build, operate and transfer (BOT) contract business model.

GPA said it invested about S$23.8 million in the facility, which it is authorised to own and operate for 15 years before handing it over to Fuji Oil. The company has an additional five years to operate right after the transfer. (US$1=S$1.27)

GPA added that the cogeneration facility is designed to generate electricity using natural gas, instead of the conventional method of using grid electricity produced with a mixture of natural gas and fuel oil. The plant will also generate medium-pressure steam from the recovery of waste heat, instead of the usual combustion of diesel, increasing fuel efficiency by more than 40%.

Currently, Fuji Oil purchases electricity from Singapore’s national grid and operates five high-pressure boilers (HPB) and three medium-pressure boilers (MPB) using light fuel oil (LFO) and diesel to generate steam. GPA said that, upon completion of the project, Fuji Oil will consume electricity and medium pressure steam from the new facility’s gas turbine cogen system, with the eight pressure boilers switching to natural gas.

With a life-cycle of 30 years, the plant is designed to operate for 8,256 hours annually, generating maximum electric power of 6,320 kilowatts (kW) with a steam supply rate (HRSG) of 38 tons per hour.

Aside from providing a cleaner alternative to energy and heat generation that will reduce Fuji Oil’s carbon footprint, the plant will also improve energy efficiency in supplying the facility’s existing power and other utility needs.

GPA said that the cogeneration power plant project for Fuji Oil is not only the first of its kind in Singapore, it is also the company’s first BOT investment in Singapore and the region. The project entails meticulous conversion work on a ‘live’ plant to ensure minimal impact to its existing operation.

Pete Tin, GPA director, said:

“We are delighted to provide our green technology and engineering expertise to our business partners, and help them change their utility generation approach to an environmentally friendly model. The BOT business model is a win-win strategy for both companies. We can work together in protecting the environment, without disrupting any business operations.”

Also at the meeting were Henry Maehl, director at GPA and PT EuroAsiatic Jaya, and Yeo Kim Dek, Asia Carbon Pte Ltd executive for CDM/Climate Change.

Teo Yong Wah, Fuji Oil Singapore’s senior director, said:

“This switch to natural gas via the BOT co-gen plant is part of our corporate initiative towards efficient energy generation and utilisation in our manufacturing processes. We reap double benefits from this move — the co-gen plant allows us to manage our energy costs, while at the same time it effectively reduces our carbon footprint, and therefore contributes to the protection of the environment in which we operate.”

GPA aims to get the eco-friendly cogeneration plant accredited under the Clean Development Mechanism of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (CDM-UNFCCC), thereby placing GPA on the list of the first few cogeneration suppliers in Singapore to be awarded carbon credits, which can be traded among industrialised countries.

Incorporated in Singapore in 2008, GPA offers a comprehensive range of solutions to help clients achieve cost reduction and performance improvement. The owners of GPA, PT Euroasiatic Jaya, have more than four decades of success in the industry, in particular, supply chain management, technical and operational competencies of more than 20 co-gen facilities.

Fuji Oil Singapore is a subsidiary of Fuji Oil Co Ltd, Japan, a world leader in innovative technologies and materials for food products.

Since it began its operation in 1984, the company has become a global manufacturer and supplier of high quality cocoa butter equivalents, non-lauric cocoa butter replacers, lauric cocoa butter substitute as well as other specialty oils and fats.

Fuji Oil has a complete range of products, suitable for the manufacturing of chocolates confectioneries, pastries, margarine, shortening, ice cream and infant formulation.

Singapore-based Asia Carbon provides consultancy relating to greenhouse gas (GHG) advisory, energy efficiency, clean development mechanism (CDM), carbon trading, climate change capacity building and registry services. Founded in 2003, the company adopts an integrated approach to the business of energy, environment and sustainable development, with a focus on the market mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol.