(EnergyAsia, March 14, Friday) — Norway’s IMAREX said it has hired Mayu Sasako and Laura Lim for its global tanker broker team.

Until recently, Ms Sasako and Ms Lim worked at the Geneva offices of leading Asian commodity broker Ginga Petroleum where they helped establish its European presence.

“We want to further strengthen our tanker operations and have looked at joint ventures, partnerships and other forms of co-operations with different companies. We are therefore very pleased to have secured the services of Mayu and Laura as they come to us with a sterling reputation as FFA brokers with their particular strength in the TC4 and TC5 eastern clean markets,” said Gunnar Lindqvist, Oslo-based head of IMAREX’s market place operations.

IMAREX operates its tanker brokerage desks in Oslo, Singapore, Houston and Genoa via Bravo Futures, giving near-24 hour coverage of the markets to clients.

Last year, IMAREX handled an estimated 45% of all tanker FFA volumes globally and more than 60% of all transactions in the market.