(EnergyAsia, December 30 2010, Thursday) — Tuas Power said its partly-owned waste recycling subsidiary, NewEarth Singapore (NES), has begun construction of its waste re-utilisation facility in the Tuas industrial area in western Singapore.

The facility will employ the award-winning crystallisation technology, patented and licensed by waste treatment technology developer NewEarth Pte Ltd, to transform industrial wastes into environmentally safe construction and reclamation materials, thereby reducing disposal of wastes as landfill and offering an alternative source of materials for the construction industry.

NewEarth is a joint venture between Tuas Power Ltd and Water and Environmental Technologies Pte Ltd (WET), a subsidiary of SGX-listed Beng Kuang Marine Ltd.

The new plant will be able to handle up to 85,000 tons per year of industrial wastes such as dredged marine clay, sludge, slag and ashes collected from petrochemical, maritime, chemical, manufacturing and other industries.

Through the multi-stage crystallisation technology process, different will first be treated before being converted into environmentally safe construction products like building bricks, paving blocks and synthetic aggregates.

“NewEarth Singapore offers a unique solution to companies that are seeking a safe and environmentally responsible means of waste disposal, by treating and converting their waste into products that can be used in road works, general construction, and reclamation,” said Lim Kong Puay, Tuas Power President and CEO, and chairman of NewEarth Singapore.

“Tuas Power’s biomass-clean coal cogeneration plant, which is commencing operations at the end of 2012, will also be making use of the services of the NES facility. NES will be collecting coal bottom ash from the plant and converting it into synthetic aggregates that have applications in the construction industry, thus making our Tembusu multi-utilities complex an environmentally sustainable project.”

Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony, Lam Yi Young, chief executive of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), said:

“Through its Maritime Innovation and Technology Fund (MINT Fund), MPA is pleased to have been involved with, and to have witnessed the development of NewEarth’s crystallisation technology right from the beginning – from inception, to research and development, to test-bedding, till its successful completion and move towards becoming a valuable business proposition.”

NewEarth’s crystallisation technology is a five-year joint R&D effort among various parties including NewEarth, MPA, Surbana International Consultants Pte Ltd and Nanyang Technological University.

NewEarth has garnered numerous accolades under its belt, such as the “Innovator’s Award” presented by the Prime Minister’s Office under The Enterprise Challenge, “Outstanding Maritime R&D & Technology Award” under the International Maritime Awards 2006, and “Environment Protection Award” under the Seatrade Asia Awards 2008.
NewEarth Singapore Pte Ltd (NES) was incorporated as a commercial vehicle to own, build and operate commercial waste treatment plants in Singapore. Its shareholders include NewEarth Pte Ltd, the MPA (through its share depository and nominee, MPA Ventures Pte Ltd) and Surbana International Pte Ltd.

NewEarth is Singapore’s first waste recycling firm to provide a comprehensive range of eco-friendly industrial waste treatment and re-utilisation solutions. It engages in research and development activities, as well as the management and marketing of its proprietary technologies and patents. NewEarth’s main shareholders are key power company Tuas Power Ltd and Water and Environmental Technologies Pte Ltd (WET), a subsidiary of SGX-listed Beng Kuang Marine Ltd.