(EnergyAsia, March 19 2012, Monday) — US major Chevron said it has approved a multi-million-dollar expansion of its Oronite lubricant additives plant on Singapore’s Jurong Island by 2014, more than double the plant’s original capacity when it started up in 1999.

The additives are used to improve the performance of lubricants used in engines, hydraulic systems and drivelines. Oronite said finished lubricants containing its additives can be found in a variety of applications such as passenger cars, heavy-duty trucks, marine vessels, locomotives, tractors, construction equipment and natural gas engines.

Chevron Oronite’s president, Ron Kiskis, said the expansion will help the company “stay at the forefront” to meet the Asia Pacific’s continued demand increase in additives demand for years to come.

In a previous announcement, the company explained that its plan to expand the Singapore plant would grow manufacturing, blending and shipping capacity, as well as improve overall infrastructure.

Morgan Clark, Oronite’s vice president, manufacturing and supply, said:

“When this expansion is complete, we will have more than doubled the size of our Jurong Island facility since it was commissioned in 1999.

This is important because it will position us well for the additional growth in the Asia-Pacific region as well as provide the additional capacity and flexibility that will help strengthen our global supply chain to even more reliably serve our customers’ needs.”

Linked to feedstock and utilities infrastructure on a 20-hectare site on Jurong Island, the Oronite plant is operated with an advanced distributed control system and supported by a laboratory that is fully equipped to monitor the quality of raw materials and finished products.

It is served by its own private jetty to accommodate vessels of up to 40,000 dead-weight tonnage. 

Oronite also serves customers in the Asia-Pacific region through a joint venture manufacturing plant in Chennai, India as well as a large blending and shipping plant in Omaezaki, Japan. The company maintains sales offices in Singapore, Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul and Mumbai.