(EnergyAsia, March 17, Monday) — ‘Fundamentals of Energy Futures’, a workshop offered by the Oxford Princeton Programme, will be held in London on April 7 and Singapore on April 14.

This introductory course on energy futures, contracts and markets is a highly interactive workshop which includes a trading simulation and a comprehensive review of the course at the end of the day.

Topics covered include the development and characteristics of futures contracts, trading energy futures, delivery of futures contracts, long vs. short positions, mark-to-market (realised vs. unrealised profits and losses), players in the futures markets, intermonth, intercommodity and intermarket spreads, measuring the market with volume and open interest, the importance of liquidity, the roles of the clearinghouse, the use and purpose of initial and variation margins, other delivery options, problems of basis risk and types of orders

As part of Oxford Princeton’s blended learning package, PrincetonLive.com’s ‘A Guided Tour of Commodity Derivatives’ is recommended as a pre-classroom study. Delegates are advised to take the appropriate online study as close to the classroom date as possible to optimise the classroom experience.

This class is recommended for trade support staff, senior management, professionals who require the basics on futures terminology and trading and, as a refresher course for those who would like to sharpen their skills. This programme will cover the different energy commodities which include oil, gas and electricity.

For more information on this course and other courses offered, please contact Admin@EnergyAsia.com.