(EnergyAsia, May 27 2013, Monday) — Sincro Energy Systems has opened an office and a centre in Singapore for distributing a range of rotating electrical machines for Italy’s Soga SpA to Asia.

At last week’s launch ceremony attended by Enrico Soga, Soga’s CEO, and 50 business partners, the company announced that Sincro Energy Systems would be distributing Soga, Sincro, Agrowatt and Soga brands of products.

Soga SpA is the leading company of Soga Energy Team, which designs and creates rotating electrical machines with a broad range of industrial, marine and energy applications.

Manufactured in northern Italy, Soga said the products are made in accordance with ISO 9001 certification and come with a guarantee of reliability. All stages of manufacture, from die-casting of lightweight aluminum bodies to winding of stators and rotors and final assembly are handled by the Italian factory’s production staff, enabling stringent quality control.

Mr Soga said: “To create great products, you need power behind the process”, says Enrico Soga. “No one knows better how to harness power for industrial use than the Soga Energy Team. Made in Italy, our products have the quality guaranteed that comes from being manufactured in Europe.

“We want to be here to stay as close as possible to our customers, to understand what they want and to reinforce our presence and service offering. By being close to the market, we believe we can offer better engineering solutions.”