SOUTH KOREA: ‘Asia Bottom of the Barrel Technology Conference’ to be held in Seoul on May 14 and 15

(EnergyAsia, March 30, Monday) — The ‘3rd Asia Bottom of the Barrel Technology Conference’ will be held at The Ramada Hotel in Seoul, South Korea on May 14 and 15.

Organised by Euro Petroleum Consultants, the conference will provide delegates with the latest economic and technology developments for upgrading crude oil residues including the modernisation of existing facilities, new equipment and catalyst technologies.

Speakers will discuss various issues including falling crude oil prices, demand growth, refinery energy management, residue upgrading processes.

Other topics covered include diesel production, UOP’s residue upgrading solutions, improving reliability with technologies, converting residues into petrochemicals,  designing a new coker and revamping an existing coker, DCU safety and reliability, and processing high Mercury crudes.

The conference will also examine new achievements for resid hydrotreatment with Hyyal technology, ways to optimise antifoam, advances in residue cracking catalyst technology, chemical programs to improve FCCU operations, and ways to minimise refinery costs with spiral heat exchangers.

Euro Petroleum Consultants said speakers at the event include executives from Nexant, KBC Advanced Technology, Chevron Lummus Global, Foster Wheeler, SFA Pacific, ConocoPhillips, KBR, Axens, Criterion Catalysts and Technologies, Shell Global Solutions, UOP, PDVSA Intevep, Baker Petrolite, Grace Davison Refining Technologies, Shaw Energy and Chemicals, Albemarle, Intercat, DeltaValve, Alfa Laval, Pall, and Mogas Industries.

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