(EnergyAsia, February 23, Monday) — Greece’s Eletson Corp said it is venturing into a new market with the delivery of its first liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) carrier. Built at Hyundai Mipo Dockyards (HMD) in Korea, the ship marks a milestone for the respected Greek operator, long recognised by the shipping industry for the ownership and management of tankers for more than four decades.

The 22,010 deadweight tonne Anafi, constructed to Lloyd’s Register class, is the first of a series of four LPG ships being built for Eletson by HMD. Built to meet high specifications and exceeding latest requirements for navigational safety and environmental requirements, these ships demonstrate Eletson’s commitment to the demanding gas transportation market.

The Anafi has a length of 165 metres, a breadth of 28 metres and a moulded depth of 17.8 metres, with engine power of 9,480 kW.

Nikos Makris, Eletson’s chief operating officer, said:
“For the past four decades, Eletson has built an enviable reputation as a leader in the transportation of oil products. Today, we are committed to reinforcing and expanding into other energy transportation sectors, by investing heavily in modern and technologically advanced tonnage.

“Our first LPG vessel, the Anafi, the first out of a series of four sister vessels, has been successfully delivered today at HMD in Korea and she will be prepared for sailing on her maiden voyage. As all our vessels, the Anafi is named after a Greek island and will fly the Greek flag. Anafi demonstrates our commitment to quality as well as to the company’s pride in our Greek maritime heritage.”

Lloyd’s Register has worked with Eletson and HMD at all stages of construction, using proven design tools covered by Lloyd’s Register’s ShipRight procedures for structural detail analysis and fatigue design assessment.

During construction the ship was surveyed and monitored to meet the requirements of Lloyd’s Register’s ShipRight construction monitoring procedures. This demanding procedure ensures the vessel is constructed to tolerances intended to enhance fatigue performance during her operational life.

In addition, by selecting a higher standard of bridge layout and visibility – to the requirements of Lloyd’s Register’s NAV1 Class Notation – the LPGC Anafi will be well prepared to navigate the increasingly congested waters of the world’s major trade lines.

Luis M Benito, marine manager and country manager for Korea, said:
“We are very proud to work with Eletson on this project. To be able to combine our LPG experience with Eletson’s continual and professional commitment to quality has been a rewarding experience.

“This is a significant project for us and adds to the valuable long working relationship between Eletson and Lloyd’s Register and with HMD. We wish Eletson all the best in the exciting new future of LPG shipping and thank all involved in the project for their support. At Lloyd’s Register we are now looking forward to helping look after Anafi during her operational life.”