(EnergyAsia, March 4, Wednesday) — Taiwanese cell manufacturer Tainergy Tech said it has signed a new solar cell supply agreement with Solarday SpA, a solar module supplier in Italy. This is the second deal Solarday has awarded Tainergy.

Building on their successful relationship established in 2008, Solarday said it decided to expand its solar cell procurement from Tainergy and signed a new contract with Tainergy in 2009.

With the two contracts, Tainergy is committed to deliver US$185 million worth of solar cells to Solarday in the coming four years.

“Solarday is a valuable partner for Tainergy, we are honored to deliver our best quality solar cells to Solarday. In addition, we look forward to developing the long-term partnership and the mutual benefit with Solarday,” said Tainergy chairman Frank Hsieh.

“Solarday has succeeded to meet demanding expectations of its clients, in Italy and throughout Europe, for high-quality solar modules. This long term technical and commercial partnership with Tainergy further consolidates Solarday’s capability to keep high standards of quality and reliability towards its customers,” said Carmelito Denaro, President and CEO of Solarday SpA.