(EnergyAsia, July 22, Tuesday) — The ‘Crop Science 2008: Food Security’ conference will be held at the Plaza Athenee Bangkok hotel in Thailand from September 3 to 4.

Food security, global inflation and the world food crisis are issues of escalating

importance. Since the green revolution, the human population has continued to grow while farm land has shrunk, increasing the pressure on society to feed itself.

The lack of investments in farming and crop productivity combined with the growing demand for fuel crops have led to sharp rises in the prices of food and grains.

‘Crop Science 2008: Food Security’ offers to discuss solutions and the outlook for food and fuel supplies. Experts at the event will shed light on the options available, work being undertaken and how the world is working towards solving the food crisis.

Topics addressed include global crop outlook, agricultural concerns and challenges, eradicating hunger, meeting growing demands, agri-inflation, biotechnology and genetic modification, sustainable agriculture, chemical crop protection, improving quality of life with integrated technology and services, water scarcity, post-harvest protection, rice crisis, alleviating the world food crisis through varietal development, rice functional genomics, biofuel development and its impact on food prices, opportunities and challenges in Thailand, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh and other developing countries.

Speakers at the event include Sumiter S Broca (Food and Agricultural Organization), Martin Gibson and George Fuller (Croplife Asia), William D. Dar (International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics), Harvey Glick (Monsanto Co Singapore), Alex S.K. Yau (Syngenta Asia Pacific), Ridwan Rahmat (Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development), Sugiono Moeljopawiro (Indonesian Centre for Agricultural Biotechnology and Genetic Resources R&D), Srinivasan Ramachandran (National University of Singapore) and Qiu Huanguang (Nanjing Agricultural University).

‘Crop Science 2008: Food Security’ is organised by IBC Asia. For more information, please contact Admin@EnergyAsia.com.