(EnergyAsia, September 29 2011, Thursday) — Nestled in Ayuddhaya-Nakorn Rachasrima in Thailand, Laemthong Farm forms part of the Laemthong Sahakarn Corporation that specialises in agricultural services looking after farms and livestock.

The company owns and operates 20 farms across the country with the help of 3,000 employees, and reliable uninterrupted power supply from Cummins Power Generation.

In looking for a power solutions package, Laemthong Farm specified a number of criteria to support its extensive farm operations including reliability of supply, weather conditions and noise levels.

Cummins was tasked to put their machines to the test at a farm over a four-month period from mid-September to December 2010, in which its diesel generator sets were used to run the motorised ventilation fan systems across various facilities under different weather conditions. The generators were tested to withstand lightning interferences, proving they could maintain peak performance outputs.

Cummins power systems were found to be less noisy than others, thus minimising disturbance to the livestock, in particular, chickens.

Cummins installed and used low kVA sets for power support and backups that were reliable, which met the needs of the farm. However, the farms’ existing Chinese sets could not produce the desired power output to specifications and were far less fuel efficient than the Cummins models.

Cummins was first called upon to provide power to Laemthong Farm in 2006, and again in 2008.

In its latest contract this year, Cummins supplied its 1250 kVA (C1250D5A) models to the farm.

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